On Wednesdays during the  2019 - 2020 school year, we will be offering 5 periods consisting of intervention and enrichment  courses.  Staff will determine who is placed in the intervention classes.  Students that receive special education services will still receive those on Wednesday. Algebra and Band will be also offered on Wednesday on their regular schedule.   All students

will be taking a semester of health.

Please use the registration form provided by your teacher to identify 10 classes you are interested in.  We will make every effort to get you into the enrichment  classes either first or second semester.

 All classes are a semester in length unless otherwise noted.  This is a tentative list--Not all of the courses will be offered

For the Love of Books

In this course, students will all have the opportunity to choose a book and lead the rest of the students in a book study I book club format..  They will choose books that interest them and have the opportunity to read what you have always wanted to read.


Team Rec. Sports

In this class, students who want competitive team activity in multiple team sports will have a chance to engage in good play.  Players will be divided daily into separate equitable teams and then after a quick warm up, go directly into play action.  Activities will include ultimate frisbee, flag football, lacrosse, softball,soccer, volleyball, falconball, tshoukball, team handball, and basketball.

 lntro to Boxing

In this class students will learn all the fundamentals of boxing including stance, footwork, form, rope skills, punch combinations,  defensive tactics, circuit training, self control, and individual goal setting.

Each class will build upon the next incrementally increasing skill levels and knowledge as the class progresses.  If time allows, students will also have a chance to integrate kickboxing techniques as well.

 Mastering Balance Activities

Students will engage in multiple activities meant to increase overall muscular strength, coordination, and balance.  This has been shown to increase overall academic achievement and challenge students to new levels of fitness not offered in traditional sports.  Activities will include slack-lining, unicycles, gogo pedals, stilts, and the always popular indo balance boards. Skateboarders, surfers, snowboarder  want to be's this is the class for you!!  Get your balance on!! 

Beginner to Advanced Juggling

Students will set goals in a variety of different skill sets involving coordinated juggling.  Improved cognitive ability and spatial growth are just some of the benefits proven to come from

challenging the brain to many of these engaging activities.  From beginning juggling to

advanced diablo yo yo skills, many great activities will be offered and time to improve at each as the semester goes on.  Activities will include, but not limited to juggling scarves, bags, rings, clubs, blocks, as well as working with devil sticks, chinese yo yos(diablo), duncan yo yos, and kondamas.  Remember, once you have mastered juggling rubber chickens, there is no going Back!


Spend time in the middle school garden with hands on activities focused on our school garden. Learn to grow veggies and all the skills that go with growing delicious and nutritious food


In this introductory ceramics course, students will be exposed to basic handbuilding procedures as well as wheel-thrown techniques.  A variety of both utilitarian

and non-utilitarian projects will be constructed.  Students will also engage in fundamental glazing and firing techniques.  All projects will include exposure to various tools, techniques and vocabulary.


South Island CrossFit is an affiliate of CrossFit.com. The goal of this class is for students to learn functional fitness the incorporates constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement across broad modalities. Students should come away with an awareness of their personal fitness and a method for life that helps them attain health, wellness, and fitness. Students should come to class with:

   Attire for workout out and getting sweaty (running or cross training shoes, shorts or fitness pants, t-shirt). If you are ready for PE, you are ready for CrossFit.

    Prepared to workout for 30 minutes to an hour.

   A journal and pen for taking

Builder's Club

This is a service organization that does both local and global projects.  They run the concessions at many of our sporting events and dances and engage in fun and meaningful service!


Love to Sing?  This is the class for you! Everyone is welcome!!


In this class, you'll jump right in and learn great recipes and techniques -from grilled cheese sandwiches to  lasagna, from pot roast to Kiki's Coconut Cake.   Chef's Prep is a culinary program to practice and gain skills for a lifetime of enjoying great food that is traditional, healthy, and inexpensive."  The "Chef's Prep" course offers an excellent model of daily meal planning, kitchen management, food preparation and serving.  These are life skills and knowledge for

self-sufficiency and which support a healthy nutritious, balanced approach to dining and all that accompanies those activities.

Tiger Martial Arts

In this class, students will be learning the history, moves and traditions of Okinawan karate. Students will also learn basic self defense and will receive a gi (uniform) and white belt. This class will include a $15.00 fee for the required uniform.  Funds can be provided if cost is an issue for a family.

Creative Arts Adventure

Join us at Create Space Langley to use the arts to explore what you care about, what you love, and what you want in your future. You will get to play with visual arts, poetry, music, and so much more. This class is all about you and what you want to say. During the course you will meet with artists, writers, designers, and musicians who will support you to express yourself through a variety of art forms. At the end of the course we'll hold a celebration party to display our creations. We believe that everyone is creative and that you don't need to be "good" at art to enjoy this course.


Be a part of the team that creates the South Whidbey Middle School Yearbook! Use your photography, graphic design and many other skills to make it the best yearbook

Independent Study

Do you have a content area, project or research project that you would like to pursue?  If so, this is your opportunity to design your own class!  You will work with your teacher to develop an outline of the content you will develop and then have time to research and develop your project. Whether it's physics, history or the arts - this is an opportunity to dive into an area that you are passionate about.

Classroom Support

Need some extra time to work on classwork and projects?  This is a class that will provide you time to work on your classes and stay current

Water, Science and Civics:  Engaging with Puget Sound

Love to fish, swim, and play on the beach?  If so, you will want to learn about Puget Sound, our local waterway - and ways that we can care for it.  Spend time at the beach and on marine boat expeditions as you learn about the valuable ecosystem services the Puget Sound provides to both humans and wildlife, while examining impacts of pollution. Through creative technology lessons and the creation of a public service announcement, students will learn about the issues impacting the health of Puget Sound - and how we can make a difference..

Current Events

Do you enjoy reading the newspaper, watching the news and discussing local, national and global current events?  If so, this is the class for you! We will use articles and resources from the New York Times Learning Network to read about and discuss national and global news each week.  You choose the articles that you want to read.  Challenge yourself to stay informed and start to figure out what interests you in the news!


Develop your research, logic, and thinking skills to debate current issues.

Changemakers/Student Voices

Use your student voice to make a change for the better!  Students will choose a topic and develop an action plan, solo or with a team.


Introductory skills of hand wood carving.  You will make multiple creative/ artistic products

Mixed Media Art

Learn to use a variety of mediums and techniques to create murals

Media Literacy

In this class you will explore photography and film making


Yoga and Creative Movement


Hola!  Come and learn basic Spanish conversation and introductory reading and writing


Physical activity similar to parkour.  Training in climbing, jumping, and agility

Health and Wellness

Projects and activities to explore eating, moving and stress reduction for health and wellness

Building School Communities

Mentoring program with high school students.  Teaching life skills, tutoring, and social emotional skills.r

Science and Engineering Fair Independent Study

This is an opportunity for those wanting to participate in the state science fair in march to plan and pregare

Explore the Trails

How well do you know the trail systems near our campus?  Are you getting at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day?  Ever feel stressed or anxious?  See how good it feels to be outside and moving while learning to access and feel comfortable using the incredible trails we have nearby.  Each week, rain or shine, we will walk outside on the trails in the SW Community Park system behind the high school, and the trails behind the SWES South Campus.  Join us to learn the trails, get some exercise , and have the opportunity to know each other a little  better.


The focus of this class is to design and build computer controlled machines using VEX  parts and the computer software "ROBOTC".   It will be a hands on class in which participants build mechanisms and structures that will later be programmed to perform various tasks and meet certain challenges.

Outdoor Fitness

This is an opportunity to do fun outdoor adventures once a week.  We can use our park for biking and hiking.  We will also learn bike repair and more.

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