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As we begin the 21-22 school year, we hope to offer enrichment courses that challenge and guide students in experiential and unique learning opportunities! Some will be offered at the community center, while most will remain on campus. 

Students registered in the Spring for enrichment courses that interested them. In the Fall we finalized those for students. See attached the list of descriptions for what we currently plan to offer.*

*Covid and partnership restrictions may impact our offerings, though we are optimistic. 

SWMS Enrichment Offerings

CLASS Description
Choir Do you enjoy singing? Singing with others is a wonderful way to connect and have some fun, while creating something together. This will be a casual, everyone-is-included choir. Come and sing!
Art Express your creativity! We will explore basic elements of art and design such as line, shape, texture, and pattern. We will create art using a variety of materials.
Yearbook Students will have the opportunity to work with photos, graphic design and project planning to create our annual school yearbook!
Drama Students will use drama games to play, create and collaborate as they grow confidence on the stage.
Financial Fitness Financial Fitness has been created to help prepare students for a lifetime of financial mindfulness and responsibility. Students will be exposed to a variety of topics that will help them develop their own financial literacy and also open their eyes to the importance of continuing to research and build their skills with respect to finance. Below is a list of some of the concepts that we will cover in the course:
  • Personal Financial Responsibility
  • Income and Careers
  • Money Management
  • Credit and Debt
  • Saving and Investing
Film Studies If you enjoy watching and discussing movies and shows, this is the class for you. Just like real film critics, we will review films and explore elements of film such as directing, lighting, sound, characters, and plot.
Music Survey A fun and exciting overview of music, the history, styles and instruments. This is a fun and exciting class to learn some history and background in music without needing an instrument.
Spanish This course is offered both as an enrichment and an elective for students! This offering will expose students to both the language and culture of Spanish speaking countries! This survey class will help prepare students for High School spanish, potentially offering students to test out of Spanish 1 for more advanced opportunities in Spanish during their high school years
Current Events Want to become more informed about what’s happening in the world or share your interest in current events? We’ll use articles and resources from the New York Times Learning Network to read about and discuss national and global news each week. You choose the article or articles that you want to read. Challenge yourself to stay informed, and start to figure out what interests you in the news!
Team Sports If you like competitive team play, this is the class for you. Using the skills learned in PE for ALL classes, take your game to the next level by spending time playing sports such as basketball, football, volleyball, hockey, soccer, team handball, ultimate frisbee, lacrosse, and tchoukball.
Boxing Learn all the fundamentals of boxing (kickboxing) in this hands-on individualized class. Students will be learning form, combinations, self defense, rope skills, and getting in great shape while circuit training and using a variety of boxing equipment such as speed bags, heavy bags, double end bags, rebounders, and much more. Develop confidence, speed, and life-long skills to keep fit!
Core and Balance This class is designed to help you develop core strength and balance. Both core strength and balance are important to daily life and to your ability to participate successfully in recreational activities. Class activities will include; ballistic stretching, core exercises, jumping skills, jump rope ( long & short), juggling type activities. Each session will end with a game.
Explore the Trails How well do you know the trail systems near our campus? Are you getting at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day? Ever feel stressed or anxious? See how good it feels to be outside and moving while learning to access and feel comfortable using the incredible trails we have nearby. Each week, rain or shine, we will walk outside on the trails in the SW Community Park system behind the high school, and the trails behind the SWES south campus. Join us to learn the trails, get some exercise, and have the opportunity to get to know each other a little better.
Aviation This class will explore the fundamentals of flight, Bernoulli’s Principle, and hands-on aerodynamic activities. If you enjoy engineering challenges, and want to learn more about flight and our local aviation industry, then join us for a semester of aviation fun.
Marine Studies This class will focus on our local marine environment as we learn about water chemistry, beach geology, and marine life. Students will participate in engineering projects, labs, and share results of their own research projects with the larger community.
Astronomy If you have an interest in the night sky, telescopes, space exploration, and understanding our solar system and beyond then this may be a class for you. We will use hands-on experiments to learn about some fundamental ideas and questions in the field of astronomy.
Ceramics In this beginning Ceramics class, you will work with clay from a grey lump to a finished pot. You will learn basic hand-building and potter's wheel techniques, and you will participate in the glazing and firing of your work into your own finished pieces! Working with clay is a creative process that also requires patience and dedication. Come and try it out!
Marimba Community Center Enrichment offerings developed in October
CrossFit Community Center Enrichment offerings developed in October
The Backyard Community Center Enrichment offerings developed in October
Yoga Community Center Enrichment offerings developed in October